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Hello all,

I'm about to do a 32" screen replacement on my 3/4 cab using this new 4k 240hz monitor from Corsair and a pc build using the Intel i9 CPU and GTX 3080 GPU.

I'm starting to second guess myself on which monitor would have the best results dedicated for VPX, FX, FX3, and FP tables.

In your experience what is best, high resolution pixel rate or high refresh rate?

These are the options I was looking at but open to better suggestions and recommendations. 


1st option high refresh rate at 240hz (2560 x1440)



2nd option high resolution pixel count at 3840 x2160 (144Hz)



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144hz is also a very high refresh rate.     Both monitors deliver on the refresh rate checkbox.


32" doesn't get the visual "pop" of 4K as much as a larger screen.   However, you will still notice better quality.   If you were asking 60hz 4K vs even 144hz 2K, I'd say higher refresh all the way.   However, since your 4K option is also a high refresh rate, I'd go with that.


For my 32" I chose a 2k 165hz monitor at the time because that also helped lower my video card requirement.    You already have that bit covered with your 3080.


Your 3080 should be able to drive that 4K resolution at that refresh rate and it should be an awesome experience.


TBH, your next step could be transplanting that PC build into a 42" cab in the future. 

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13 minutes ago, tschacht said:

TBH, your next step could be transplanting that PC build into a 42" cab in the future. 

LoL, don't get me started. I've already been day dreaming of experimenting with the new 42" 4k bendable screens.

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