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Troubles with Pup-DMD and Backglass and Reshade in PinballY


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There is a Problem with PinballY if I use a Pup DMD together with a backglass. If I start the table, the bar of the pinball Y DMD goes black and stays on top. I have to deactivate the dmd-window, to see the pup-dmd. That problem comes only when I use a Backglass plus Pup-DMD.
The Problem comes only, if I place the pup-DMD window at the same place as the pinbally DMD or pinbally topper window. I can reproduce it. My guess is a problem with pinbally and reshade..



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If you use several windows on one screen, it can happen, that pinballY leaves blank Windows of the Backglass, or Topper in Front of the screen. This happens on desktop or for example on a 2 screen System, if you have Backglass plus something else on screen 2.
I had that problem, I think I solved it yesterday.
Put the following lines into your main.js in the script directory

mainWindow.on("gamestarted", ev => { backglassWindow.showWindow(false); });
mainWindow.on("gamestarted", ev => { topperWindow.showWindow(false); });
mainWindow.on("gameover", ev => { backglassWindow.showWindow(true); });
mainWindow.on("gameover", ev => { topperWindow.showWindow(true); });

The first two lines should close Backglass and Topper Window of PinballY, if a table starts.
The second two lines are enabling them again, when a tables closes. (normally not needed, but looks better) 🙂

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