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Hello, I wanted to make a query, I don't know if there was already a topic with my problem, it turns out that this started to happen now, I want to open the script of a table (it doesn't matter which one, it happens with all of them) and I can't see it, a table opens window but the script does not appear, is there a way to fix it?



Hola, quería hacer una consulta, no se si ya habrá un tema con mi problema, resulta que esto empezó a pasar ahora, quiero abrir el script de una tabla (no importa cual, pasa con todas) y no lo puedo ver, se abre una ventana pero no aparece el script,  hay alguna manera de solucionarlo?



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@fpetrolo : That is a know bug, that has been fixed in newer vpx. So, I advice you to download the latest 10.7.2.


However, if you have already weird registry setting for the editor placement, the update might still honor that and you won't get to the editor. One easy way is to exit vpx, then open regedit and delete the editor registry hive. Defaults will then be loaded and you should be able to get to the script without issues.


start -> cntr + r - regedit <enter>

scroll down to \\hklm_user\software\visual pinball\vp10\editor (taken from memory - might be wrong, but, not by a mile) then just mark the 'editor' and press delete.


This is not dangerous, it just resets the editor settings. Well, if my memory of location is correct that is :)

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@Thalamus Thank you very much for your help, memory did not fail you because that was the correct route, I did what you said and it worked perfectly, I also tell you that I am with version 10.7.2, I don't know why that happened, thanks again and regards.

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Hmm. I thought that this bug was fixed. Guess not. On my end. Deleted whole VPX 10 registry, started vpx,  adjusted everything like I wanted it to be, exited and exported the whole vp10 hive. This was very useful while the bug with the side panels where always disappearing. Having registry backup for VP and Pinmame is quite essential to be honest. If you computer blows up, harddrive dies, you would like backup of pinmame too.

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