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Im starting colorization of No Fear for Vpin. I will update you guys of all the progress !


Project is going well!


I will post animated gif scene soon :)




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Hi Guys!


Little update on my project! Lots of scene has been done already! A lots still left! Plenty of transition and random scenes in this game 😧


I uploaded more soon :)




Locked 2.gif



Ski Fall cliff.gif


Snow Para.gif


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More scene!


Project is going fast :) Most scenes are done ! Im doing video mode and more complex scene now!



Showboard Jump.gif


No Fear.gif


Moto Multiball.gif


Extra Ball.gif






Winner Asphalt.gif

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Im in the latest stage of this project, only the Video Mode to finish  ! A lots of challenges in this game..... Tough transition, random overlay objects, crazy video mode etc... This was a opportunity the learn a whole new set of skills with the LCM, that's for sure!!


Right now, Im happy with the result, it still contains some random  transition color issue, weird overlay fireball situation that are very tough to accomplish perfectly.... I put a lot and lots of time to try to make it better..... but still some color issue can happen randomly with that fireball :(


Hoping to finish soon, all depend of the Video Mode and how I can use the mask to get all the motorcycle rider in all his position... cause it can be all over the screen in different position + the track moving, jump and different number reward .... Its a puzzle to solve....


Here some screenshot for the fun of it :)


Hope I can deliver a good quality so you can all enjoy!


Maybe a Youtube video of the gameplay soon!





Super JP.gif


Dirt Challenge.gif

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Looks really good!! Will this be available for real pin?

I can support you through PayPal if it will be!! Need to buy a pin2dmd first but waiting til it's avaliable..

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