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I have a problem with the PupPack since recently "Gardians of the Galaxy (GotG)...before it ran wonderfully

but when I start the table then pushes itself in front of the baking glass of the GotG his other B2S (Genesis(Gottlieb1986).

When the table GotG terminate I see briefly the correct baking glass of the PupPack.... in the Table folder is also no other B2S, which has the same table name of GotG...
I also deleted the problematic table and B2S (Genesis(Gottlieb1986) completely from the disk...but somewhere something got stuck.....es still shows up....other PupPack run without problem


the setting exact. directb2s was already set...did nothing....now I notice that other PupPacks are also affected by the problem...don't understand where the Genesis baking glass comes from...has nested somewhere.....here is a video with two different tables e.g. Monsters of Rock and Big Trubble in little China

with both it comes to the faulty datasetting....behind the faulty Genesis backup runs the PupPack...I see it briefly at the beginning and when I finish the tables...crap

anyone have any idea where something got stuck ??


I deleted both the Genesis table and the Genesis b2s (backglas) from the PC just to be sure.....but it's still pushing the b2s from Genesis in front of a PupPack backglas...that's the crazy thing...I don't know where it's coming from when I deleted Genesis from the PC

somewhere something must have been left behind.... don't understand it....




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  • timblo changed the title to Problems with PupPack Backglas - another deleted backglas moves in front of PupPack backglas
  • 2 months later...

I just had this problem with a GOTG backglass showing up on some PuP Pack tables that had nothing to do with it. On the suggestion of @outhere I looked through the tables directory for any directb2s files with no related tables. The culprit was a directb2s with a blank name. I removed that and problem solved. Hope this helps.

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