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Using Sketchup Models In Vp


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This only works for DESKTOP tables and not for CABINET tables! Just kidding, settle down.


Here is a nice plugin for SketchUp 8.



When you go to export something just click on Plugins and then Zbyl's X Exporter in SketchUp. For textures, your on your own.


Here is a pop-bumper in SketchUp.



Here it is in VP.




And the actual table is attached if you want to see how I made the bumper rings work. Best part this works for desktops and cabinet tables.

primitive bumpers.zip

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I did the same thing using the fp models. I'll post the video over here also. It's nice getting truely transparent bumper caps and a real working bumper ring

Yeah I saw yours over there, really nice work. It got me thinking of the bumpers I saw in sketchup and wondering if there was a way to import them in VP. I was about to give up when I found the Zbyl's X Exporter on that site.


I had screen captured and used that bumper on a wall or reel in my unreleased VP8 Mata Hari table (the skirt, body, and ring anyway). So it is nice that we can import it now as a mesh. Nice to be able to animate things with X, Y, and Z movement too, instead of a bunch of walls droping and raising.

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