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Hope you enjoy my ALP Star Wars mod!


This build incorporates LEDs, shaker motor, 7 solenoids (2 work with ALP), 4.1 speaker system upgrade (works with ALP and computer), SSF, comic based light side/dark side graphics (only light side showcased in the video), and some custom Star Wars toys. I kept my computer external with wire connections thru the bottom of the cabinet. I also have SSF installed but shut off for the time being. Didn't care for how SSF sounded when compared to my 4.1 audio setup. I have custom programed my LEDs to work both with ALP games and with computer based games.


I have been enjoying playing the ALP, FX3, VPX, Future Pinball, Steam, and CoinOpX tables and games. I have customized the Pinup Popper wheel bars, backdrop, and loading screens which cycle through various Star Wars music and themed videos such as Phineas and Ferb, Lego, movie trailers, and the Simpsons. One of my favorite features is activating Darth Vader during a game. Some may feel it is out of place, but it is a Star Wars table after all.


May the force be with you.

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