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I have some serious ball stutter problems for a while with some of my tables (e.g. Bally Space Invaders, Demolition Man). When I deleted a b2s file by accident the table was playing super smooth (but without backglass). When I checked the b2s file for Demolition Man I noticed it was a very old file (2014) so I updated it with a newer version and the table played wonderful after that. Unfortunately I wasn't able to find a newer version b2s file for Space Invaders. Installing the latest b2s server did not solve anything either. I'm using VPX 10.7.


Might this be a problem because of too old b2s files running on newest version b2s server? It seems that more people should have problems with it then?

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Get out of forced fullscreen mode, start the table - move the mouse to the db2s. Cntr+s if I remember correctly. Go to settings. You can adjust update speed for leds, solenoids - many parameters that I don't remeber just sitting here without VP in front of me. Do some searching, there has been more than a few suggestions to how to resolve such issues.


Once you've tuned it - and you're happy. Going back to forced fullscreen is a valid option again.


Good luck.

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