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Magic Eight(Geiger 1980)


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Hey Wildman, any idea why I would get an error


Can't start Gameeightbll

setting the game name is not allowed for running game


It will go ahead an run the tables just pops up the error every time. Does not do it with the normal line of

Set Controller = CreateObject("VPinMAME.Controller")


only when I change it to Set Controller = CreateObject("B2S.Server")


Any ideas?


Update: Have similar problem with Dark Rider but before I ever try the B2S file.  La Retata works fine with or without B2S.  Dark Rider was working fine two days ago.  The only thing that has changed since then is the latest nightly build 647 was added and I updated the vbs files after I had problems with Magic Eight as it was suggested that could be a problem from one of the forum lists.

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ya i had the same issue here with the 2 tables.  Its somthing in the script thats hangin DB2S if ya click ok on the error it will play, the Bally table that uses that rom works fine.( star trek ) maybe

Herweh might have a idear ?
just wanted to make sure I wasnt the only one gettin that issue.this is the error I get runnin 915..
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It's SetDisplayPosition in line 77 of the script. Comment it ...


         '.SetDisplayPosition 0,0


... and everything is fine.

ahh that set display position line again..I have to remember that !  Thanks Herweh

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