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Sweet Hearts (Gottlieb 1963) - Loserman76 update

A patch for Sweet Hearts (Gottlieb 1963), a table by Loserman76 and PBecker (VP9 version)
If you like real old tables, this one is for you !

Historical fact : this is the last Gottlieb table to have a "gobble hole" !


The patch come with :


- Visual update (missing screw, shadows, lights)

- SSF enhancement

- Corrections and changes in sounds, script, ball shadows...


Don't forget to activate the "epileptik option" at the beginning of the script if you want more visual feedback with the undercab (can be funky here with 5 bumpers !)


As usual, you need the original table download (link here on the right column), the VPUremix patch system and my file.
Big thank's to Loserman76 !

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    Sweet Hearts (Gottlieb 1963) 1.0.0f
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