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Please if you could help me figure out why 2 of my screens are not working properly when trying to navigate the configuration menu.

I have 2 screens showing this weird behaviour when trying to access the config menu by using hot keys at the back:

One screen is very slow in going through the menus, and sometimes I must click one button several times before I see a response on the screen. Other times the response is immediate so it is random.

In the second screen, I can't even access the config menu.


Both screens can be configured and the config is saved using the PIN2DMD tool.


I have not activated these 2 screens as I am not sure if they will work properly? I really do not want to spend the money in activation to find out there is something wrong with the screen.


Has anybody experienced these being extremely slow in the menus? and do they work properly when in a machine?


The screens boot up properly and show the firmware version with no issues.

Full disclosure, these boards are an early run I made last year as were used for testing the dozens of fake SMT32 chips ordered from Ali Express. As such a few of the pads (not being used in the circuitry) have been accidentally removed from the board, all other pads necessary for the circuitry are there. I am wondering if this is perhaps why the config menu is not working, maybe these unused pads need to be grounded?

As mentioned before, the screen do boot up and show the proper configuration when powered up. Only issues are them being slow in config menu.


Though I would ask before activating. please help! :)



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