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Wild Wild West

Bonjour à tous aujourd'hui je partage une petite table western. Wild wild ouest une serie des année 65 à 69 avec 104 episodes toute mon enfance.
La table est basé sur le script Devil's Dare merci à 32assassin, Goldchicco. Le playfield est basé sur le jeu codemaster Psycho Pinball.


Detail of Wild West
Game rules edit
New Playfield
New Lighting
New Backglass
Insert 3D Elements
New Plastics
New Sound
new music band (put the western directory in music)

Pack full
I wish you have a good fun


for info here are the next tables to come
Update of king of rock roll and on the same basis rockabilly never Die and Aerosmith it makes 3 in 1. And a new back to Future Trilogy


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Ive tried all that I know, cant make this run. table loads and back glass, coins but when I launch the game the ball will not pop out and it makes a continuous rolling ball sound. any advice? im abit new to VPX, thank you

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