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Can Not Seam To Get This App To Work?

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Hi, I am new to virtual Pinball. I picked up Pinball FX2 on steam sale and really enjoying the mars table, and thought I would try some other apps. Some google seamed to say FuturePinball was a good choice.

Anyway, I installed it and then downloaded the scifi table torrent and installed that. When I load the app I get the editor, then I load the scifi table and all looks good.. I then press F5 and the 3d version turns up... but now what? I press 5,6 or 7 to insert coins and nothing happens...

I tried the "physics" mod but same problem.

I also tried a few other tables..

Apollo 13_1
RoboCop Phy2_5

same problem.. but both of these error when load with a script problem...

Strange thing is if I press F4 for the table launcher.. nothing shows up?

Anyidea what I am doing wrong?


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