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Hello, thanks for reading this and hopefully helping me out.  I'm new to PinUp manager and I'm trying to install a few new tables on my Machine.

1) I first unzip and copy/paste the VPX file in my Visual Pinball \Tables folder

2) Open the PinUp Manager program and select the Tab with" Add New Games"

3) Select the Visual Pinball X emulator and press scan.

No new tables found.  


I think I may not be scanning the correct folder... but I'm not sure how to set up or find the file path.  I have opened the game/table files via the game editor and they do work from the VPX\Tables folder.


Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


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Yes sir everything was setup when I purchased the system. All setup and working... just trying to add new games.  I need to edit the scan path in the program.  Can you help me with that.  I need to change the HD and folder it scans

Thanks Randall

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In the PinUpSystem folder run PinUpMenuSetup, click on popper setup tab then emulators. Highlight pinballx on the left and set the game folder field to where your tables are located.

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