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Gaucho (Gottlieb 1963) - Loserman76 update

Patch 1.2 add a big visual update from @RajoJoey !


DOF, SSF and a quick visual update

Epileptik option available with the DOF (check the beginning of the script) -> More lights effects, especially with undercab

Original table by Loserman76 and Halen.


Here is a new solution for updating Loserman76 tables.

Dazz propose me to try this patch solution.


You need the original file and my patch.
You can apply the patch with the VPU patching system.
The patching system is here :

The original table is here :


  • Submitter
  • Submitted
  • Category
  • Modified by
    Leeoneil, Rajojoey
  • Original Table Author
  • Original Table Version
    Gaucho (Gottlieb 1963)
  • Link to B2S
  • Link to Media Pack


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