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I did see an older post over on pinball nirvana, but was curious if VR is happening and being updated in future pinball? I followed the guide Terry had but I had the same issues many had and reported in that thread. 

In the quest 2, the table and environment jitter around like crazy, if you keep your head still it’s ok, but that is impossible to do in VR.


is FP and VR something being supported at the moment? 

I know the jittery happens in vpx sometimes, but usually updated files or a proper table fixes that issue. Is there a latest and greatest update with FP VR? My guess is similar to VPVR and nvidia issues, this is now occurring with FP VR maybe?

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Hmmm,  I just use the latest BAM-VR. Followed Terry's guides initially and have never looked back. VR works perfectly fine for me (Vive Pro). No issues what so ever. FP with BAM-VR runs and looks fantastic in VR. If you haven't played Terry's PinEvent Tables in VR (esp Star wars Epic Battles), you're missing out.

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That’s what I was hoping to do,  followed this guide 




but unfortunately I’m running into the issues later reported in that same thread, where everything is jittery the moment I move my head. My guess is my specific specs on my rig, I assume some obviously have the issue and others do not.

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Hi Bazza, unfortunately if you read the post I linked, this issue is directly related to the oculus, it appears you are on the vive pro, and there have been no issues there. 

my guess is it may be an nvidia and oculus issue just like VPVR went through a number of months ago. I guess oculus is also not native steamvr? I’m not familiar with all that, but that is another part of the puzzle and issue. 

I need to hit the lottery and upgrade my pc and VR gear :) less of a headache

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I also have the Oculus Quest 2, I solved it by removing the check to vsync... I also put the resolution at 1920 x 1080 in video options (this resolution does not affect virtual reality)... try it to see if it solves it... .for trying nothing happens...

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If you go back to the Pinball Nirvana Link above...you will see that this issue on Quest 2 is fixed and a BAM update is pending


Ravarcade traced the bug back to an earlier version of BAM 

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