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            Hello all... I would like to Add a Video/Music JukeBox to my Cabinet. I've been looking for an app. that will do both but I'm Not having any success ☹️ . Tons of just Music ones but Not Both. Can anyone Point me in the right direction ? I think it would be a Cool add-on to the Cab in my Games room. Use the flipper keys to search for music etc....Thanks....BBB

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If you're a pinballx user you can give the media player plugin i did a while back a go https://forums.gameex.com/forums/topic/22325-plugin-pinballx-media-player/

Doesn't do a jukebox style display, more pinball style segment display for track info etc, but does allow video & mp3 playback and navigation using standard cab buttons (or if you add a flirc IR dongle you can use a remote control). 

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