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Cannot get pup packs to work in FX3. Works ok in VPX and FP....but FX3 has proven to be challenging.


I followed the guides and am using pupdmdcontroller. Have my DMD's mirrored and displayed correctly on my full dmd (LCD screen). The backglass displays the default image, Aliens and for Jurassic world, yet, no videos ever trigger. 


Is there something I can enable to see if there is an error log? To see if the pup is properly seeing and capturing the DMD to trigger the videos? (Also, yes...for Aliens, I copied over the pupcapture files, and my FX3 dmd color is set to Default.)


all files from my understanding are up to date, as I had to reinstall everything. But perhaps there is something i should check and reinstall??

Thank you

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