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Hoping someone can point me to a reference-


The pup packs seem to be running fine. The DMD overlays are on the right screen. I started downloading some newer packs (started with Tron and Attack From Mars)


The backglass and BG videos run great, the DMD overlay is present on my third screen on AFM and blank for Tron. But then the 'old school' orange freezy dmd sits on top and in the case of AFM, I can see the full dmd videos, but no scores in the dmd overlay section. Freezy DMD is there and functioning as expected.


I'm on VPX 10.7.0 , PinUp 1.4.6, and now on the latest of Freezy's  went to 10 during troubleshooting


I have 



; if enabled, send frames to PinUP.
enabled = true


And don't see anything alarming in the log.


20220220 16:41:00 Open called
20220220 16:41:00 Set Game Name thread trn_174h
20220220 16:41:00 Start Thread Matching
20220220 16:41:00 create PuPCap
20220220 16:41:00 Init Game name:trn_174h
20220220 16:41:00 Create Object Display
20220220 16:41:00 imagedir:C:\vPinball\PinUPSystem\PuPVideos\trn_174h\PuPCapture
20220220 16:41:00 num images 98
20220220 16:42:16 Free Object Display


Is there a setting I missed?

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