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Hello --

Looking for assistance on what configuration files or settings determine which physical screen your playfield, backglass, and fullDMD display on in a 3 monitor setup since they keep changing after initial setup. 


Scenario:  I've installed the Nailbuster Baller Installer successfully 3 times now.  Each time I get my 3 screen setup and working properly.  PinUp Popper works great, the example VPIN X and FP tables load great, everything is good.  However, after a reboot of my computer things seem to fall apart.


PinUp popper still works perfect and displays everything looking like it should, but when I load either a VPIN or FP table the screens are all messed up.  Backglass could be on the playfield, playfield on the FullDMD, etc   If I re-install Baller Installer everything works again... until a reboot.


I have been troubleshooting this for a couple days now and cannot figure it out or where these settings are configured.  My displays still show up the same way in Windows and Nvidia control pane as they always have and haven't changed.


Its weird that both VPN X and FP tables are messed up, but PinUp Popper is fine.  Anyone know where to begin?  




The attached photos show my Windows / Nvidia display setup which has stayed consistent.  Leprechaun King in Pinup Popper displays normally, and then messed up after it gets loaded.




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Update:  Issue still not resolved, but able to fix and then re-create issue.


When I went back to my PC this morning, powered it up from sleep mode, and then manually ran a VPIN X table.  This time everything came up on the correct screens.  Strange. I then shutdown the PC, powered it back up, and this time when I ran the same table the screens were in the wrong screen.  I then put the system in sleep mode manually, brought it back out, and now everything aligns up correctly again.


I know I read the display numbers don't matter, and at no time has the display arrangement changed in Windows, but somewhere the system appears to think the screens are in a different order.  Any thoughts?



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Another update.  I still haven't been able to figure out how to ensure the screens are aligned consistently, which is important to me because I'm building a cabinet, but seems pretty obvious it does have to do with the order they are detected on boot.


Attached is a screenshot of the Windows display settings along with the Vpin graphics settings after initially turning on my PC.  You'll see the primary "playfield" screen (display #2 in Windows) is showing up as display #1 in Vpin.  I know this because of the listed 3840x2160 resolution.


However, after doing a soft reboot from Windows, now the screens are aligned -- as shown in the other screenshot.  


Anyway, I've been playing around with plugging the monitors into different ports on the video card, but so far doesn't appear to matter... I still have to do some sort of reboot or sleep mode or something to get screen alignment.  And while I have occasionally done a remote desktop into this system, and I did suspect that could be causing an issue, from what I can tell it isn't for me.


Just really wish there was a way to ensure my primary monitor was always detected first -- so still open to more ideas.  


On a positive side note, I think I fixed the FP crashing issues I was also having.  Enabling Windows 8 compatibility mode on the FPloader executable seems to have stopped the crashing.  I'm currently running Win 10 Pro 21H1. 



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I'm afraid to put a link here to an external source - I don't want to get banned but I do want to be helpful.

Google search "Nailbuster Virtual Pinball Display Issues", it should be the first item.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks @jabbaman.  I just recently came across that as well, but haven't yet implemented.  Looks like that should help resolve.  For the time being I've found the right combination of the video card ports my monitors are plugged in to and timing the power up sequence that everything works.  However, if I were to soft reboot or system wakes up from sleep mode, it would likely fall apart.  Appreciate the feedback.  

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