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I am a novice who recently purchased a second hand PIN2DMD bundle. It includes the following parts ...


RGB LED panels fitted in an acrylic frame

Go-DMD board (Shield Version 3.1)

STM32f4-discovery board

Power Supply


I found out after purchase that the STM32F4 board was not activated. I was gutted when I read that the project owners were no longer issuing keys for this board.


I came to the conclusion that I have been coned by the FB seller and basically wasted my money. I contacted PIN2DMD to explain my situation, but they still refused to issue a key, even with my willingness to pay for the service.


Is there a way to salvage my purchase? What parts (above) do I need to replace, and with what equivalent? I would be greatful if someone could help.


Cheers :)

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Thanks. I checked the database and the board was never activated. Is there a resell value for those deprecated boards?


Would you mind confirming that I am buying the right boards from Farnell?


Cheers :)Screenshot_20220302-073946.thumb.png.d3c3dd0154db3d33cedbfe66c5f949de.png

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