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Fireball II

VPX 10.7 recreation from Bally's Fireball II

Build this table from scratch ( with help from previous versions by Destruk and Javier )

Special thanx to -  Bord : provided meshes from his huge Blender database and created some unique elements to fit the table

                          -  JPSalas : brainstormed about the 'fireball bonus ball' and came up with some brilliant ideas

                                           also helped with some lightroutines and ballshadow script adjustments

Also special thanx to all table designers to use their genious scriptroutines, tutorials, forum help ...  


features : Rothbauerw droptargets

                Fleep sounds


Included in file : new directb2s file, links to rules/dipswitch settings


Enjoy this 80's multiball pin recreation




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