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Hey guys,


I recently bit the bullets and upgraded to 1.10.1 to get the 64 color on my PinDMD3. Everything works terrific with VPX and PinballFX3, but the mirror I set up for P-Roc has stopped working.


The original .bat file i had load was:

- - - -

@echo off
START /min "" "C:\Pinball Emulators\Visual Pinball\VPinMAME\dmdext.exe" mirror --source screen --position 0 0 128 32 --no-virtual -p COM5 -d pindmdv3

- - - -


This no longer mirrors the P-Roc DMD from the screen anymore.


Did a paramater or syntax change that I need to update the param with for it to work?


I read through all the dmdext threads and things and I can't seem to find any answer.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Good News,


I inadvertently found a fix that worked with the new dmdext.exe


My previous param for my .bat file was this:


- - - -

@echo off
START /min "" "C:\Pinball Emulators\Visual Pinball\VPinMAME\dmdext.exe" mirror --source screen --position 7040 0 128 32 --no-virtual -p COM5 -d pindmdv3

- - - -

and in the CCC user_settings.yml I set the DMD position to 7040 0 and set the pixel shape to SQAURE


7040 was based on: 3840 playfield with + 1920 backglass width + 1280 topper width - and then having P-Roc make the DMD 128 x 32 for the cleanest (non-scaled) DMD to be mirrored.


This put the the DMD onto my 4th screen which is a DUMMY display port plug that simulates having a 4th screen - this all worked previously.


THE NEW DMDEXT.EXE didn't recognize this - but when I changed the numbers in the param to 7040 0 7068 32 (basically adding the first position number to the width of the DMD) - suddenly worked perfectly.


This was a total accident because when I edited the param I put the numbers in the wrong order and I noticed I caught the corner end of the mirrored DMD on my real PinDMD3 - so when I fine tuned the numbers - it worked.


I don't know if this was a bug in dmdext or the param requirements changed - but regardless it worked with the new 1.10.1 dmdext and CCC was the only game I was having an issue with.


Hope this info helps.

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