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Flash (Williams 1979)

A Steve Ritchie classic from 1979, Flash is a great playing target shooting game.


  • Built from scratch from scans provided by @Onevox's own Flash machine.  He also consulted on the look and gameplay of the project.
  • VR room and settings by @UnclePaulie.
  • New star rollover inserts by @Flupper.
  • Script and physics doctoring by @rothbauerw.


See the script to set DT, VR, or cab mode.


Post your high scores.



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Uh ah, looks so nice and I nearly missed it. Will definitely give it a go. But why do you need my highscore? There are way better jokes than my scores on pinball tables 😄 Thanks for another masterpiece!!

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  • 5 months later...

Hey guys! I have a problem, somehow the score is on top of the table (the backglass is working fine), I'm using the latest VPX and all configured with the Baller Installer, other tables I have tested are fine, any help is appreciated.


image.png.c49cc8cc58be19dd2511c51873b7f80b.png      image.png.613fa6f1197ee5a180dcde68c2617419.png

Edited by exodus123456
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