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I am scratching my head over this- I'm probably overlooking something really simple. During the build of my table I've been testing things with a ball I spawned manually. I'm at the stage where I want to play test the game with the rom.

So vpinmame is running (DMD is showing) and the lights are flashing correctly and the droptargets reset nicely when the game starts. I can hear the configured soundeffect of the ball releasing from the through. Except... no ball spawns.


In the table I have a kicker "BallRelease", and "Drain"


In the table1_init:

Dim bsTrough

Sub Table1_Init


    Set bsTrough = New cvpmTrough
    With bsTrough
		.Size = 4
		.InitSwitches Array(14, 13, 12, 11)
		.InitExit BallRelease, 90, 3
		.InitEntrySounds "fx_drain", SoundFX(SSolenoidOn,DOFContactors), SoundFX(SSolenoidOn,DOFContactors)
		.InitExitSounds  SoundFX(SSolenoidOn,DOFContactors), SoundFX("fx_ballrel",DOFContactors)
		.Balls = 4
		.CreateEvents "bsTrough", Drain
    End With


End Sub


I am quite certain the 11, 12, 13, 14 switches are correct: 




Then as Solenoid hookup, with switch 15 triggered


SolCallBack(1) = "SolTrough"

Sub SolTrough(Enabled)
	If Enabled Then
		vpmTimer.PulseSw 15
	End If
End Sub


I am 100% sure the Solenoid 1 is the upkicker: 




Obviously I am missing an important component... but I can't seem to figure it out. I've looked at other tables and I can't find what I am missing- so I'm probably overlooking something obvious here.


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