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Whenever I get the opportunity. Possibly sometime this weekend - or during the next week sometime.  

Maintenance Length:
However long it takes me to move files around, adjust file paths, and verify that things are working correctly.

Site Offline:

I finally got a fix for the broken home page of VPUniverse.com from the software developers. Unfortunately, this fix requires that I have to restructure the suite root directory and move the main site files around a bit. Thankfully, I don't have to move the 80+TB of the downloads section since those are all on cloud servers. The actual file move should be relatively short, but I have to adjust some file paths, and verify that things are working.

Once this move has been done; it may take some time for images, thumbnails, attachments, etc. to populate and appear on the site.

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  • Dazz changed the title to Site maintenance coming soon - Fix for "home" page. - COMPLETE
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