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Hello everyone,  hope everyone is doing well. Ive only worked on virtual pinball, specifically pinup popper for about a year. And only about 4 months of now knowing what im doing. Lol


My question is where is the media stored for all the pinball tables available?   

I only ask because there are tons of tables , where there is for example, no topper available,or no game instructions. 

When this happens i just go on google,do some searching and find awesome media for my topper,with only a small amount of editing. 

It seems like a waste that when we all do create our own media that it doesnt upload to the server so that the next time someone downloads that table,when they click on search for that topper screen,instead of no results, they would have a bunch of choices to choose from. 


Just wondering has it been tried before and failed? Or is there another reason we cant upload our media to the server. Maybe the next popper update when we are in the media screen, we could right click on our media,after its been already added to popper and properly renamed, there could be a added choice to the preview, remove, add list, and then hopefully "UPLOAD TO SERVER"


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The popper server is run by David/Nailbuster. Authors need to contact him with regards to uploading media. Also a lot of popper media files can be found here also. Authors have different reasons for where they chose to share there work. As for your topper comment I use a generic topper I made so if there is no topper related to the table at least its not blank.  


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