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Hi all, after discovering the glories of hitting F1 and checking "Use external DMD" and checking "disable B2S", "capture external DMD" and "Capture backglass/PUI", every table had a beautiful, bright DMD...


...for exactly one night.


Today, I booted up, and the external DMD is no longer being captured by the VR. Now it's only displaying the internal fuzzy DMD, for those tables that even have it.

I've checked those same settings. I've toggled them, I've restarted, I've rebooted. The Freezy DMD is showing brilliantly on my desktop monitor but it just refuses to be captured, despite "capture external DMD" being checked, and I have no idea why...


Does anyone have any other ideas?

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Okay, I think I found the problem... The few tables where the freezy DMD *WAS* being captured, had individual game settings in DMDDevice.ini, AND they did NOT have the line "virtualdmd style = default".


Adding an entry for a new table, and removing the "virtualdmd style = default" somehow resolves the issue for that particular table.


...so it sounds like perhaps my global settings are screwed up, but I have no idea how or why...?

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