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I have a 4 screen setup and dont really care about the topper, but i would like to record the playfield, backglass,and full dmd. 


I downloaded OBS software but dont really know how to use it. Do i use a program to record the 3 screens while gaming? And then another program where i can show the playfield, and then have the backglass and dmd on the right or left of it.


I have a rtx3090, 64gb of ram, and 12cores/24 threads to be able to easily record and play. Geforce experience records the screen but its not the best quality.


Ive seen many members show their gameplay on youtube, so if there is a certain software that most streamers or youtubers use to record their pinball ,would you mine sharing what programs i should use?


When i google it, i get nothing but ads, so not necessarily the best software to use. 


Thank you guys in advance.

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