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Hi everyone


The latest v2 ClrVpin is available here.. https://github.com/stojy/ClrVpin/releases.


This is a major release which adds an "Importer" feature for online content checking courtesy of VPS.  Hopefully you'll find it useful (as I do) for maintaining your collection with current content.




  • VPS visualisation displayed on a single page.
  • Optional filtering based on various criteria - last updated time, include/exclude originals, favourite manufacturers, etc.
  • Open web page to your favourite hosting site (this one of course :>) so you can review, comment, and download the content.
  • Display IPDB information and navigate through to web site


I've also cleaned up the wiki page to make it a little clearer and stress the importance of the open source nature of this tool (and the virtual pinball community contributions).. https://github.com/stojy/ClrVpin/wiki.


I'm keen for feedback, so please post here or on github.


Enjoy :) 


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This looks pretty cool, does this tool scan your collection and then brings you to the main screen showing , for example that there is a color dmd available, or a pup pack available?  Plus media? Sorry for all the questions. It looks like something ive been wondering why hasnt been available for virtual pinball. 

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The short answer is yes.  There's a quick overview here.. https://github.com/stojy/ClrVpin/wiki/TL&DR


The longer answer..

  • 'Scanner' feature scans through your collection (tables, backglasses, media, rules, etc) and identifies anything that is amiss (e.g. missing files, incorrect names, duplicates) and optionally fix them where possible.
  • 'Importer' feature checks online for new content based on your criteria.  Currently, this doesn't cross reference against your collection.. but it's something that I'm thinking of adding in the near future (https://github.com/stojy/ClrVpin/wiki/Roadmap).
  • 'Rebuilder' feature merges newly downloaded content into your collection.

Agreed, I believe there are a few different tools that do various bits of the above.  But I thought I'd try bringing it all within a single open source application.

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v2.1 released which should make it easier to identiy new content.  Anything new, based on your "updated from/to" criteria, is now highlighted orange.


An example..


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  • 3 weeks later...

Released a new version v2.3.


Unrelated to the importer feature (online checking), this release includes some signficant work on the fuzzy matching used by rebuilder/scanner to associate new files (tables, backglasses, wheels, audio, etc) with the games setup in your PinballX/Y database..

  • A LOT faster.  Magnitudes faster.
  • Handle different file naming variants (and mistakes), e.g. kebab to title case, levenshtein distance, second chance unique DB match, keyword exclusions, etc.
  • Configurable fuzzy threshold.
  • Improved logging to to make it (hopefully) easier to understand the matching.

Enjoy :)

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Hi @Rickmc



The scanner and rebuilder features are designed for the open source apps: VPX and PInballY frontend (which optionally uses the same PinballX database format).  There's a bit more info here.. supported platforms.


I appreciate pinuppopper is a great front end, but it's not supported.  Mostly because it's not my preferred front end, but also because it's not open source (AFAIK).


But the importer feature (online checking) is agnostic to VPX and the frontend.. so you could still use that as a handy way to check for new content :)

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  • 5 weeks later...

Couple things .. when installing on my cab it complains about not finding the .net framework. I have tried a number of installs and restarts - same thing.

Is there something I can confirm in the programs installed to see that it is indeed installed?

.net runtime 6.0.3 (x64)

.net runtime 7.0.0 preview (x64)

.net framework 4.8


Also -- my kiss tribute table, formerly found on vpinball can be repointed to the other download site.

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hi @allknowing2013


I've had someone else raise a similar issue on github here.


In short, the installer will direct you to MS to download the .net 6 runtime.  Unfortunately it just lands you on a generic page that doesn't prompt you to download the desktop version, but that's the one you require.


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If it helps, here is a direct link to the latest .net6 desktop installer from MS.. v6.0.3.


I suspect what you've got installed is the console only version, confusing named by MS as ".net runtime" vs the version you require which is ".net desktop runtime" :(

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  • 4 weeks later...

Released v2.4.  Nothing shiny, but a few minor versions containing..

  • Some bug fixes (reported via github).
  • Performance improvements.
  • Automatic version update checking and (optional) installation.  This should hopefully make it a lot easier to keep up to date.

Enjoy :) 


FYI, the next planned major feature will couple importer (online checking for new content) with rebuilder (merging downloaded content into your collection).

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