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I know there is a gaming section but the last post was like 7 years ago. I read this issue posted somewhere awhile ago and i dont remember where it was or how it was fixed but im hoping someone here remembers. 


When I run mame games out of popper i have sound issues. Its like the sound is playing twice, so when playing golden tee fore 2006 and the announcer talks, it sounds like hes stuttering, or it almost repeats. 


The fix i remember reading was a file added to the MAME folder, but I cant remember what it was. Does anyone know how to fix it?  


By the way , it only happens when launching mame games from popper. If i just launch it by itself the sound is fine. 


Appreciate any help. Im building system popper packs and mame is obviously the one taking the longest , and this sound issue is a pain in the ass. 

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