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Hi all - been stuck on a small issue but it has been bugging me.  For some reason it feels like the videos played through Pinup Popper seems very bright, it appears washed out and on my pindmdv3 I can also see it show in a whitish haze instead of the typical black screen.  When i'm in actual game play via VPX, the colors seem fine, but as it is playing videos or displaying in pinup, I notice the extra brightness in the video.  Has anyone experienced this?  I was hoping it was like your monitor and I had accidently pressed a button that changes the playback mode of the video, but looking for possible ideas to explore. 


Thanks in advance!

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Thank you @CyclonePF! Making those setting changes got it resolved!  It was set to default when I checked.  Maybe my video card drivers were updated when I put it briefly online.  Many thanks and appreciate the help!

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