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Caballeros del Zodiaco (Saint Seiya Pinball)

Hi all.
I present my first table creation for VPX.
The Saint Seiya Pinball based on the serius Sam II of JPsalas ( Gracias compañero por todo lo que haces por la comunidad Pinball)
It is based on the 90's Manga Saint Seiya, also known in Spain at "Caballeros del Zodiaco"
The Knights of the Bronze Constellations must save Princess Athena from the Patriarch by going through the 12 houses of the Zodiac.

I have reduced the difficulty of the table for now (I hope you forgive me JPsalas)
It's just the first version since I'm working on some improvements, but it's already fully playable. (I must reduce the size of the file and create other controls in the DMD) and include an interactive back glass.
At the moment, all the primitives are created and colored, the playfield is made by hand with a digital pen, and all the sounds (in Spanish) with the band of the series and the multiple animations of the dmd are in the file and work with FlexDMD.
The table runs un VPX 10.7

Notes: Thanks again to JP for the permission and the advice, and sorry all for my bad English.
I hope you like it and enjoy it

  • Repared a command that changed the battle with the instant info table
  • Change the Table name in the script 
  • Added PFD Rules
  • Change some DMD Detail
  • Repair error in DMD in the Right Ramp


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Hola jicho, muchas gracias por este gran juego, me encanta la simplicidad y me paso horas jugandolo. Quisiera pedirte permiso para poder actualizar los sonidos a espanol latino y despues a ingles. De ser concedido el permiso, tengo una pregunta, los sonidos del 1 al 130, si son utilisados por el juego? no los reconosco en realidad, reconosco muchos sonidos a la hora de las batallas, pero algunos no. Se que esto sera mucho tiempo como volver a ver la saga desde el principio para poder coger los sonidos correspondientes y poder cortalos. Espero tu espuesta, gracias. Y si puedes responder a ode1979@gmail.com seria mucho mejor, gracias.

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