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In PinUP Popper setup I have my Exit Emulator key set to "E", and the "E" key is not mapped to anything in VPX. In VPX, my "Exit Game" is mapped to "Q". Also, as far as I can tell, the "Run as Administrator" option is off in all of my pinball software programs.


Now, when I launch a table from the PinUP Popper front end and play it, and then press "E" to return to the front end, everything works except that VPX isn't really closing out. For example, if I launch PinUP Popper, play five different games, and then exit PinUP Popper back to Windows, I will find five copies of VPX minimized in the Windows taskbar, each with a copy of one of the five tables that I had played loaded into it.


I have a similar issue with PopperAutoRecord.exe when recording media for new tables. For example, if I record three tables, once the recording has completed I am left with three copies of VPX minimized in my taskbar.


I know this used to work correctly for me, but I am not sure at what point it stopped working, or why. I can't seem to find any thing that helps from the support forum or FAQ or by Googling.

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