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If you have two (or more) USB controllers (like EG STARTS Zero Delay USB Encoder) in your VPIN and use VPX, do you:
1) use JoyToKey and map the two USB controllers to letters then map VPX to the letters? or do you 
2) use vJoy to combine the two USB controllers to one virtual controller and configure VPX to that (assuming no more than 24 buttons)
...or is there a better option for configuring two USB controllers with VPX?

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I technically have 4 usb encoders, that i control all using joytokey.  


I purchased a all in one control deck from atgames, this comes with a joystick, 6 buttons, and a trackball, and has its encoder board built in.  It just plugs into your PC via usb.  Its actually a great piece of tech and is the reason why I kept it when got rid of all of my atgames hardware.   WIndows sees it as its own encoder.  , I then have a virtupin controller which i just use for my plunger and nudging etc. (  I don't know why but it gave me a night mare trying to get buttons working with it) 


I use a Ximotech usb controller for all my buttons on my cabinet (which is 10)  The buttons I have on the cabinet itself are Left flipper, left nudge, Exit, Start, two coin buttons, another small start or play button, another small HOME button, right nudge , right flipper. below is how i have my joytokey setup.  Here is how my buttons are mapped and the actual config file.  (remember you need to map your buttons so they work with future pinball, vpx, and popper as well.  The PBA bowling 2021 you see above my main PC config, only activates when PBABowling.lnk launches in popper.  When that happens my controls change to the bowling controls i have, which is where the trackball comes in handy), when I exit , joytokey automatically switches back to my main profile.


Another thing to note, when setting up multiple encoders , dont leave it up to windows to set which is joystick 1 , joystick 2, joystick 3, because eventually windows will switch them around and your buttons won't work. The first photo labeled joystickorder, is how you manually set it, you just click on the "Options"tab, then click on "configure", now click on the number 2 tab  "advanced settings for each device", (NOT THE CALIBRATION TAB).  Here is where you manually set your device order.  My setup as you have seen , 1st is my control panel with trackball, so where it says please select a device , i choose that device, then right under that i choose joystick #1, now select your second device which are my ximotech cabinet buttons, you then have to select joystick #2  where it says to specify, finally i select my virtupin device and then select joystick 3 as my preferred number for that device.  Then just click OK.  Then click File and SAVE.   

DO NOT FORGET TO CLICK SAVE BEFORE CLOSING OUT OF JOYTOKEY.  hope that helps some of you guys. My config file will do you no good, but you could use my joystick number 2 button labels to set in joytokey, and then to set those mappings inside of all of your emulators. 







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