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Hi everyone


I am trying to help someone who has a Pin2DMD in a Terminator 2 (WPC). The display has been working fine for a couple of years until now. It now boots up and remains on the boot screen displaying "Pin2DMD VIRTUAL PINBALL". Not sure why it says virtual pinball as it was being used in a real machine. It sits at this screen forever and does not display any of the animations that should be on the display. I checked a couple of basic things. Connectors are secure. Getting solid power. Display was activated when originally purchased by him. No other issues with the machine. I have not had to fix any issues with a Pin2DMD before so excuse my ignorance of the platform. It is running Color Prism 2.41. The only strange thing I can see is that this display was plugged into a 12v supply on the original power driver board. It seemed to boot and work fine though. Is this OK or should I connect to a 5v supply instead?


I have attached a pic of the rear of the display. Not sure where to go from here. I have checked a number of threads where the display did not pass the boot screen but none of those fixes seem to apply here.


Also, I cannot seem to enter any menus on the display. There are 2 buttons on the rear, one of which resets the display and the other does nothing as far as I can tell.


Thanks for any guidance. 





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1 hour ago, linendor said:

Also, I cannot seem to enter any menus on the display.


The buttons and resistors for the onscreen menu are missing . See picture.


It seems that the device has lost its configuration. 

Please update to the latest firmware version using ST-Link utility as described here


Make sure you have the activation key on your SD card.



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Thanks so much for the help!


I guess whoever put this board together didn't bother putting the buttons in. I'll put some in.


I updated to the latest firmware, and now the DMD boots up and displays "Bally/Williams" instead of virtual pinball. So that's good. I decided to test it in my Johnny Mnemonic. It seems to work OK, however some frames of the display seem to have what look like scan lines scrolling down from the top of the display. Other frames seem OK. Is this just an issue with the colourisation file? I'll try and get a picture.


Also, in regards to my previous question about voltages. Can this board safely be powered by 12v or should it only be a 5v supply?

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