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Together with Bord a recreation of fireball II is in progress.

This multiball table of the early 80's is hard but fun to play !


First step was recreating the playfield. For this project Javier's playfield has been 

remastered . Thanx Xavier for your previous version and the permission to mod.


Step 2  : building the table in vpx 

My blender skills are still limited so most of the table elements are created in vpx

and afterwards exported to Blender for rendering.  This was a timeconsuming step

but an interesting one.   Bord helped me out with digging into his primitive collection

and also creating new meshes that are specific for this table.  Thanx Bord


Included a desktop preview !


More building steps to come







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After adding all basic elements in vpx ( wall, pegs, rubbers ,bumpers ... ) i had a good base for building the plastics.

First shaping them and redrawing the images in photoshop was timeconsuming but necessary. Luckily good recources

were found to complete the task.





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Next step : basic scripting

Always exciting to bring the table alive by scripting . Should it work that ballrelease , saucers, bumpers ....

Javier did a good job in his version but a little outdated so step by step newer methods were implemented.

Thanx to the authors who created these and give support.

- fleep sounds 

- rothbauerw droptargets,shadows

- ninuzzu flipper ,ball shadows

- JPSalas fading lamps

- nFozzy physics, flipper tricks

- the entire visual pinball development team who makes all of this possible


Think we all rely on them to get the table working properly


Also a few hurdles had to be taken : the lampnumbers and the fireball bonus feature 

- lampnumbers : the previous version was incomplete, wrong assignements so had the idea

  of putting 120 lamps on the table and start the puzzle. 








Quickly i discovered a pattern that helped a lot to speed up the process. There is always a step of 16 numbers

For example : doomsday bonus 1000 is lamp 1  -  bonus 2000 must be 17  - bonus 3000 is lamp 33 ...

                      or if bumper low is L15 then next bumper is L31...

So i made an entire lampmatrix showing the correct numbers for the playfield,backbox and even a GI lightnumber

that comes into handy for scripting GI lights.


The fireball bonus mechanism :  the real table is using a magnet , pushing the ball up and down.

I never could script this feature so brainstormed with JPSalas who came up with a pretty simple but

very effective way to immitate the 'magnet' feature.  ( by changing the balvellocity into a negative number )

Nice find JPSalas, a big thanx !





More building steps will follow 🙂

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With all elements on the table it could be exported to blender.

Here are some basic steps :

 - cutting holes in the playfield for the saucers and the fireball bonus mechanism

 - adding materials to the objects (shading) 

 - adding lights

 - adding ,set up camera's for uv mapping

 - making the different layers for exporting ( 5 layers )

- exporting wavefront objects

- rendering images


Had some problems with the plastics. Luckily bord gave a hand and solved this 

He also created the center postkicker ( texture baking )      THANX Bord !




Playfield with GI and object shadows


More to come

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Grouped the objects into 5 layers, so 5 primitives are exported with their rendered images. 

Rendered different images ( with other lightning ) for each layer . In the tablescript these primitive images can be 




Now the table is allmost complete. Still a bit experimenting with the little demon kicker. Javier used a plunger but

i'll have a go with a little flipper . It will be easier to bring the ball back into the game.

Final stage will be a backglass redraw,touch up and progging the b2s file with all the lampnumbers.

Also the dof config will be adjusted for full fun flipper experience.

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