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I will be adding a shaker motor to the Stellar Wars project. I am worried that the vibration will cause premature failure of the 50" tv and/or motherboard//processor. I want to do some vibration insulation between the tv support bars and the support rails in the cabinet. I will have to lower the support rails to accommodate. I plan to put a thick layer of foam rubber under the motherboard tray.


Just wondering what others have used to insulate the tv's, motherboard/processor/heatsink&fan?


I haven't seen any mention of anyone doing this, but I find it hard to believe that all that vibration doesn't harm the tv or pc with tall heatsink/fan.




This hobby is flippn' awesome!

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I've been running for ages with a shaker motor and no real damping for the PC parts.  To expand...


- My Monitor is mounted on side rails but those rails have 3mm foam on them. This was actually to avoid scratching the monitor casing but iI guess these do act as vibration dampening material....  The monitor is  not directly attached to any frame, it just rests on these  rails arttached to the side of the cab and the front edge is also foam protected. Vibrations do NOT transfer to this screen in my tests.


-  The PC motherboard is attached to an acrylic Tray  which has PCB feet mounted to a shelf mounted to rails on the cab.  Whilst this doesnt have any specific damping propeties it does have a minimal decoupeling effect I would guess..  The PC components are at the back and the shaker at the front.  I've not had any ill effects without damping yet (temps are fine). However, everything is solid state so there's no spinning HDD to damage.  If I were to do this element again I would ditch the wood rails the shelf attaches to and use metal brackets with rubber bushes and a bolt through to damp down a bit...


Pic below shows foam rail protectors for monitor and  PC mounting. Note SM in DoF set to "10"


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never had any issues with that.. cause I have it turned down in DOF, no way does it need 48, I have mine set at 3 and its more then enough, anything higher would tear your cab apart LOL 

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