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WWF Rumble Puppack

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Hey everyone! The time has come for us to release the Royal Rumble Pup pack! This is a tribute to the 90's era of  WWF, packed with 100s of clips, custom toppers and more! We tried to add something for each setup so please be sure to check the batch script. 

Thanks to @NailBuster for creating the software that helps us create these awesome creations. 

@hawkeyez88 for jumping with me to make this whole idea a reality also with the awesome idea to drop on royal rumble weekend! 

@Migs for his amazing input as well as the integrated toppers. 


@godisnothere for always jumping in to help us with artwork when needed!

@unsavory for always jumping in to help. He could have something special for this table in the future. 


Our entire testing team!!

@domloveslobby @BuffaloPinBro @Shaggysrsg @vv27x 



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