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I havent added any new toys or anything lately with my v/pin , havent even really been playing it due to having the virus. The only thing i did was run speaker wire from a new amplifier to two kicker speakers in my backbox. 


Ive gotten this error about 4 times the last couple days.


The error i get is Doflinx critical error

Error in configuration for left flipper trying to set device to #1. Port to 1 needs to be in the range of 1-0.



I havent touched anything dof related in months when i installed the Cleveland software 8 solinoid kit. That was it. I ran the tester where i can fire off all the soliolenoids manually and they all work so im not sure what the issue could be. 


I dont even know where to look . Any help would be appreciated.

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1 minute ago, outhere said:

The Guide that comes with Doflinx


Yeah read the guide its not in there , thats why im asking here. I knew one person would say , read the guide or use google lol. I did both. Its not in the guide. Turns out the error happened everytime i launched popper. Once i saw that, i knew to clear out my temp folder and do a fresh reboot of my pc and it  cleared the error. Now popper launches fine. 

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