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In VPX 10.7 - How to assign selected items to a different layer?


In 10.6 you could just select the items and then right click on them to select the layer you wanted to assign them to.

In 10.7 after you select the items and then right click on them you get an option to "Assign to selected layer"...

Given that I have already selected a layer (so I could choose the items) wouldn't clicking on "Assign to selected layer", assign the items to the same layer I'm already in?


i.e. I want to move some items from layer 1 to layer 4.

I select layer 1 and highlight the items I want to move, I then right click to "Assign to selected layer" but my selected layer is still layer 1.

At what point or how do I change the target layer to layer 4?


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A better wording our probably be, highlighted. You can kind of select the layer without it "activating" it. I don't remember exactly how it is done, been a couple of months since I played around with 10.7 myself - but, once you figure it out; you will get a palm to forehead moment. If you still can't figure it out, I can have a new look, and maybe describe it better for you. Just know, I thought exactly like you did on the very first release of 10.7 ;)

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Hi Thalamus,


Thank you for your response and my apologies for my belated reply.

I figured it out and you were right, It really was a "palm to the face" moment (LOL).


You need to put a tick on the layer you are working on, this will display the layer where the object/item is.

At the same time you need to "highlight" the layer you want to move the item to, here is where I was going wrong, the layer needs to be highlighted (do not tick it).

You then select your object, right click on it and select "Assign to selected layer" OR click on the little "finger pointing" icon on the options and presto!


Mate, thank you again for getting back to me on this one.



PS: I hate to abuse of your patience but I have another issue that I'm struggling with;


In the editor, when trying to view the playfield, I get this black background with the following message:

" No UI image. table is in Playing mode, Please reload".

The same thing happens if I highlight any thing in the Image Manager.

This is happening on all tables and I can't fix it, any assistance will be greatly appreciated.



View Playfield.png

Image Manager.png

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Don't launch the table then back out to editor - that's what "playing mode" means.  Either launch the editor without a table and load it, or right-click the table and click Edit.

Weird that I've seen this come up 3 times today lol...

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Thanks Wylte!


This was driving me nuts, but its so easy to do that I couldn't figure it out....

When I open VPX it automatically opens onto my tables folder. I was then selecting a table by clicking on it (this of course launches the table... duh!)


Thanks again for this mate I'll sleep better tonight.




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