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Hi ya all,  I am still trying to get colourisation working on my cab.  I have a PIN2DMD Evo (Fw4.18) and it's working fine in monochrome with the "default" DMDDEVICE.dll (but is blank / ignores color when selected)


When I use the specific Pin2DMD dmddevice.dll (the one that's 101kb ) it WORKS when testing ROMS and colourisations via VPINMAM test mode (in either colour or non colour operation)


but when I launch a table via VPX (direct or via front end). the DMD doesnt show up...  "use external dll is checked" but nothing...  if I switch back to the 12MB .dll (i.e. the wrong one for colourisation) i get  garbled colours and perfect monochrome.


I have to be missing something simple.. but what? a bit lost...

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So I sleuthed the answer in the end by following this post here: https://vpuniverse.com/forums/topic/5651-64-colour-dmddevicedll/  and working backwards (it's not the same issue).


IF anyone else ever gets to this point the issue was I read the "optional, install Libusbk.dll" to enable Pin2DMD as the thing i SHOULD do.... the thread above mentions that, by default the driver in Win 10 should be WINUSB... I swapped outt he driver for the WINUSB one, replace the dll with the one from the latest PIN2DMD master bundle and it all works as expected... in all programs....

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