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Howdy all, I have kinda a head scratcher here I cant figure out. I have purchased all the FX3 tables on steam and having and issue with a handful of tables not re-looping the backglass MP4. From what I can tell it only happens on certain Williams tables but MM, Junkyard, Getaway, and Fishtales are not having this issue. I even took a working backglass from MM and renamed it to run with one of the problem tables and the BG stopped looping with that game. I'm not using DOFlinx, using the latest Pinup version 1.4.6, have the backglass option "2" in the settings, and these are MP4's all running from the Pinup Popper "POPMEDIA" FX3 backglass folder. Any help would be appreciated. 



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Anybody been able to fix this? I have exactly the same issue ... on pretty much every FX3 table, the backglass stops playing and goes to desktop (or goes fully black) after 1 loop of the mp4.

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