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Working on building a friends virtual cabinet using a full dmd.  I used the baller installer just about everything was working fine.  Had an issue with 2 tables and notes said to upgrade to VpinMame3.4. after doing that i get an error message that pops up for all tables of No External DMD driver found. If I use the setup.exe and test mode the dmd runs and shows up on the full dmd just fine and where i want\had it.  I made a backup of the 3.2 folder and the dmddevice.ini files match.  Not sure what i did wrong or how to fix it. I am fairly new, this is the second one I have built.  Mine works fine but uses a real dmd pin3, not a full dmd like this one.  at a loss right now because everything was working fine but 2 tables and now nothing works.... Any ideas out there?  Thank you ahead of time.

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