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I was starting to test addresable LEDs for the fire button and ran into the issue that i can make them react to each L separately... but not mixed colors



Walking Dead LE or Star Trek LE

both have a command in rgb fire button that looks like this @rgbsimple@ L78|L77|L76 (rgbsplit for TWD)


splitting those up into L78 RED AT0 AL0/L77 GREEN AT0 AL0/L76 BLUE AT0 AL0 makes the MX LED blink correct for 3 of the 6 modes, the modes with only 1 led lit.

For the mixed color modes, purple|Nero for example, only one color is blinking, the 2nd needed color for mixing into purple is missing.

Would it be possible to add something like "L76 AND 78 Purple AT0 AL0" in addition to the previous commands?

What would be the correct command in dofconfigtool?


maybe @arngrim @TerryRed or @gtxjoe could shed some light on this case?!


greetings and nixe weekend :D

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The issue more comes down to how the "rom" is controlling the RGB output to the RGB Fire Button.


I imagine that there are 3 separate outputs being controlled from the rom... one for red, one for blue, one for green. Remember that these older tables are using regular RGB lights for the Fire Button.... just like normal RGB lights we use for flashers (non MX). So the combination of all 3 will make the correct colours.


The RGB Fire MX for DOF doesn't work like that. It simply get a colour value sent to it... and it shows that colour... just like any other MX toy.


Tron Legacy may be a good reference. If you have RGB MX Undercab working in sync with the neon ramps (like it does with RGB Undercab)... then the fire button could be used in a similar way possible... again... depending on the table and how it's rom controls the RGB output.


I've been sick for a long while and have not been at my cabinet for a long period... so I can't really test this stuff... and I don't have any MX buttons (for this specific reason).


Maybe @DJRobX can chime in.  

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