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Got and idea to make a single screen cabinet as a coffee table. Mostly as Lenovo G34w-10 price was less than 500e. My previous cab was "portable" 43" 4k that I moved to office. Yes it goes fine in a backseat of my car. :D

But yes.. Hoarded some old PC parts, pinscape, cheap amps, ordered ssf transdusers from France, scrap metal, ikea legs, tempered optiwhite glass for 100e, bamboo sheets from Bauhaus..


Some plans with sketchup:


Building the wooden part of the cabinet took maybe 1 hour and some waiting. Really simple to make with good tools. We visited these premises once a week with friends.





Got it to home eventually:


Testing that the monitor really fits:




Cats really liked it:






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Some of the amps were like this. Few euros each. Cabinet runs total of 6.1 channels. Stereo + 4xSSF + large transducer at the bottom.



Took the cabinet for my neighbor. He has a fine paint booth:


Corner detail. Bamboo sheets were a bit like plywood, so had to cheat a bit how to make it look decent:



Glass arrived. Optiwhite won't look green from side:



Making the glass holders from scrap metal:




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Then some internals:


Found good screws that I used to mount the mobo:




POV needs to be a bit different


Joust was the reason I made it playable from both ends:



Some more internals:




Buttons lit:



Glass holders installation ongoing:



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Applied a window tint film on the glass, so monitor wont appear much when it is off:





So dirty glass..





Skitso himself testing how his Monsterbash plays:



Alternative POV. Really complex to adjust to look and feel correct. Play stance is quite different, so this may be more correct way to use it.


Yesterday updated the CPU. i7-4770 -> i7-4790k. Tables play much better now.


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That's an awesome cab idea and beautiful execution. Congratulations on the finished product @iaakki, looks truly furniture grade 👍


P.S. That is some audio setup you have in the living room, are those commercially available speakers? Do you have to wear a seatbelt to watch TV? 😁

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Very awesome. I had thought about doing something like this but with a flat monitor, I hadn't even thought about head to head for Joust.


Yours looks amazing. I like how it mixes modern and retro.

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11 hours ago, robertms said:


P.S. That is some audio setup you have in the living room, are those commercially available speakers? Do you have to wear a seatbelt to watch TV? 😁

Thanks.. This is some own design. Spend too many years simulating the concept and eventually built them. I was about to make them available commercially, but got distracted to other hobbies like this VPX fiddling. I almost got the website up too.. https://www.spectares.com/source/

The white ones are nowadays in the basement home cinema, but I might sell them too. The grey ones are the new prototype. Still experimenting with different tweeters.

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Really impressive, an amazing very well done job! So interesting how the curved monitor is used in this furniture and sure the SSF exciters will rock... Amazing! It's coffee and pinball time. 🤩

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This has inspired me to take the backglass down on my own mini pinball table as I had a copy of Joust that I enjoyed the one player on a while back.. It works great from both ends! But I am at a loss for other tables that can utilize this setup... I have found a few on ipdb, but not able to come up with any recreations on here or vpforums. What else are you playing this way? 




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