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First off Apologies if this is in the wrong forum.. I'm not sure if this is PIN2DMD or VPX related I am hoping this is "easy" for someone but i'd read so many posts i'm now not sure where I am...


The final piece of the SW puzzle for me is getting colourisations to work on my cab. BUT I cannot get it to work right... (see video, odd behaviour). I think it've tracked it down to dmddevice.dll but now i'm lost...


I have a PIN2DMD as a physical DMD device and am playing via VPX.

I have downloaded the colourisation patches and enabled colourisation in the game



If I use the dmddevice.dll that comes with vpinmame/vpx/something from when I installed everything i get messed up colour display but it still shows  in VPX when playing.

If I swap out the dmddevice.dll for the one in the latest PIN2DMD bundle i get perfect colours in the TEST MODE in vpinmame but NOTHING shows up when I'm playing in VPX.


I've been messing with the cab and the SW for 2 years so I'm honestly not sure any more what dll was installed from what application any more... I have tried to  just update everything to latest version (VPM 3.4, Pin2DMD 4.18, VPX 10.7.x).  Tried all this with anything external (like DOFLINX etc  shut down just in case... no change)


Can anyone point me in the right direction for what I've done / missed? (re install is, I guess, valid but i would really like to know what I've done wrong)


(edit, not, i dont know why the "default" colour is white now.... on the DMD...)



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This may be different for you with a real DMD but here are a few things to check.

Make sure the dmddevice.dll is in your VPX folder outside of the VPinMAME folder.

Make sure you have the altcolor folder inside VPinMAME folder.

Make sure you have external DMD checked after booting up a table and pressing F1.


I use a computer monitor for my dmd so I may be way off with the help. But i was having a similar issue and it came down to the altcolor folder being in the wrong location.

Lemme know if it helps


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Thanks, that all checks out so isnt the issue :( (i.e. all in what I think is the right places and working in test mode...) I can get the colourisations to be recognise / "work" but the issue come from the PIN2DMD display either corrupting / inverting them with 1 dll (I think) and visible during gameplay or only working in test mode (perfect colours) and then not showing in the game regardless of "use external dll and colourise" options enable, dissabled or whatever...(which i just don't understand.....)

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