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Nevermind, I figured it out! Thanx







Howdy all, I've been outta the loop for years and just getting back into the VP stuff. I'm having an issue with my selection menu DMD LCD monitor, It seems Popper is loading a PINDMD version of my hi-rex DMD pix. I even loaded Windows from scratch and it still loaded the DMD in a real DMD "dot" view, almost seems to be loading the DMD for the game on top of the menu screens DMD. Anywho I hope this maks sense, I think I'm doing something wrong as it was working fine but I screwed up something somewhere or made a wrong choice somewhere in the install. Adding pic of the issue, Thanx!


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Actually I had to re-install Popper, I was able to fix the issue by re-installing the Baller Installer and choosing option "B" in the layout with slim DMD. The issue was I couldn't get the settings to set an LCD DMD, it kept going back to a real DMD hence showing the dotted hi-rez display.

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