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Hello, I have had a problem with the DOF for a long time. I have 8 toys that work perfectly wired to a Mosboard / Kl25Z. Pinscape is up to date. I have a wemos D1 mini pro for the leds. On port 1 I have the backboard, port 2 and 3 the left and right sides. I added on inputs 2 and 3 the 2 speaker rings because for some reason I don't have inputs 4,5,6 do not work under DOF (but are well recognized during Arduino programming). It's not so bad.
The problem that brings me here is that the LEDs part of the DOF only works with the directoutput.dll 3.1.6999.23272 DLL. I tried all the other versions, the leds are no longer recognized, only the toys work. If I update the DOF R3 ++ I must therefore replace the DLL with this version otherwise I don't have the LEDs.

and the second problem, even more incomprehensible and irritating is that I never see any text on the backboard like "TOTAN" or "BATMAN" ... I have configured everything correctly, nothing helps. "PF BACK EFFECT MX "is in first position in the combo.
The last tests I did: I removed the combos and instead I put 1 single effect on the backboard, the side left and the right. I noticed that the "PF BACK EFFECT MX" command displays nothing at all. If I replace with the command "PF BACK FLASH MX", I have the different forms that appear. I admit that I don't know what to do anymore. Note that the pincab is under win7, perhaps the source of the problem?

Im using this leds WS2812B DC5V waterproof LED Pixel Strip light 50cm with 144 leds/m  2812 IC Built-in individually addressable RGB tape


Config https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_kRfXyLsv2fcDfnM2hdOUbKjt5U6XQgX/view?usp=sharing

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after several tries i updated the april 2021 DOF R3 ++ and updated my wemos. The leds work on all the outputs. But it is always the display of letters that poses a problem for me. 


When in the dofconfigtool I configure on the backboard output  "PF BackEffect MX" as single effect, it does not display anything  under vpx. On the other hand in Pinup it displays the shapes like "PF Backflasher MX" does.
If I only put "PF Backflasher MX" as an effect on the backboard, I don't have anything under pinup but I have the shapes that appear under VPX.


I don't understand why I can't display letters with the DOF. It's as if the "PF backeffect MX" instruction doesn't trigger visible actions on my leds. That's crazy.

There are a lot of errors when I run the Ledcontroltester prog. But I don't understand it. A screenshot is available below. Thank you if someone can help me or guide me in troubleshooting. have a good day




EDIT : Ok, the problem was a line in cabinet.xml. The Ledstrip  arrangement value was wrong. I used « leftrightalternatetopdown » instead of « leftrighttopdown » … Now i can see letters on MX tables.

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Problem is solved
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