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This is the first one for me and the first hour work result.

I'm not sure to manage to reach the end of the project, but i try !


sorry for poor english, i'm french.






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yes it is a risk.

in fact my game is set to french, but lots of words are in english for example, the text "world speed record" or "loop" instead of boucle in the french 100% version.

I didn't manage to set it to full french, and i'm not alone, a friend of mine have the same issue.


i'll do the colorisation for my pinball at first, then i'll set it in english in order to make other dump andmodify the hash setting or the mask positions to have something as compatible as possible.


i don't know if some colorisation are all languages availlable, the colordmd need to be english language set i think.

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I'm a little bit afraid, cause, animations (GIF) are pretty good, and looks like i would like, but when i upload a partiel project in the pin2dmd, it's just awful :(

Colors are différents, contrast is to the max i think so the brightness is too high, colors sound "light" with that brighness (don't find where to set it). there are mistakes (which doesn 't appear in the editors, there are missed pictures (flashing)...)


I saw in tuto a duration option for masques to be set, but it is not checkable (it is grey??), and there is an "event" with a listbox but i don't find explanation (mean, understood explaination, so i don't know what it will change).


I'll try to make a video and post it tomorrow


thanks by advance for help

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Thanks for the interest.


I update my rom in order to work on the real last rom (i was on a prototype PX3), so now the coloration is based on the L2.1. This change make a small mess, but i still progress with some help and advices.


All the waiting player colorisation is done, but i would like to improve it with more colors, i'll try co catch the 64 colors on this.

During the game :

- start ball is ok on real pinball but have some variable frames lost in VPX, don't find why...

- catch me is ok (thanks a lot martin)

- drag race is ok except the score

- lock ball is ok

- Challenge is nearly ok except the score

- puzzle challenge is ok

- multiball is ok

- big block is ok

- loterie ok (one bug, don't find why)

- raceous is ok


it is not complete but here is a small list of what i still have to colorise or improve :

- all 9 cars stand stop

- fuely

- high lift cam and othe SP animation

- finish ball score is bugged

- standar score is working most of time but it is still broken by lot of things to be colorised

- and.... lot of transition... skill shoot....


well a lot of work done, but still a lot to do!

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